How to Add Hostgator Domain to Microsoft Office 365

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Alain, Business #Consultant and President at Hernandez MasterMind; shares with you a Video he created about How to Add #Hostgator Domain to #Microsoft Office 365.

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Setting up a Hostgator Domain with your Office 365 Account is not that complicated. You will need to access your Hostgator cpanel to add the DNS Records needed from Office 365.

Office 365 Domains are Easy to Add and Configure, using the TXT, CNAME and SRV Records it provides; you may simply add them to your Advance Zone Editor Tool inside your HostGator cPanel.

You may need the help of a hostgator support person to successfully add some of the records needed to validate the hostgator domain with your microsoft office 365 account.

Begin with using the advance editor tool inside your hostgator cpanel, which should be very similar with any other hosting cpanels from other providers; and inside there you will see all the domains registered with your hostgator or other account.

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Inside the advance editor tool you will find individual dns record options such as the txt and your mx plus others like cname, begin with choosing which type of record you will be adding first; and then now copy those from the microsoft office 365 side to add in your hostgator account.

Continue on with the same process per each record type, when you finish with either cname or the txt like records, now move on with another type of record such as your cname; and then adding all of those related to the type of record.

To help you stay organized I recommend you finish each type of record first inside your hostgator cpanel along side verifying at microsoft 365 that they have been added correctly, after doing so you can then continue on with the next record type; this will help you finish one record type at a time without missing any of the records required to add the domain for microsoft 365 to work correctly.

Whatever records you are missing for the domain you wish to add in your microsoft 365 account, is when you may need to consult a hostgator support person as they have a better understanding of the dns records of those domains; when is all verified you should now be able to use your busienss domain with microsoft 365 to later configure for office use.

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