How to Blacklist and Whitelist Email Addresses in SpamAssassin

Edward Tollemach , London, UK – #Justhost – dangerous company!!!! – My website designer set me up with hosting by #Justhost. He was an idiot! Don’t ever use this company if you rely on your website for any part of your business or personal income! There’s down time almost every week – site and email. Whenever I raise a ticket with them, they wait until it’s back up and then email with a screen shot (sometimes days later). Technical support are incompetent and rude – an unreliable service. They also took a payment from my credit card to renew my SSL certificate, and then didn’t bother to renew the certificate on the site. They didn’t care about this and left me without SSL over the Christmas period. Then they managed to self certify, so it came up as untrustworthy, they still haven’t got this right. Luckily they don’t have my domain name so I can move everything to proper dedicated hosting soon – once I have a new website from a proper designer.

This videos walk you through the process of Blacklisting and Whitelisting email addresses in Spam Assassin.

Learn more about Whitelisting and Blacklisting email address in our full guide here:

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  • Luis González
    Posted at 16:11h, 12 November

    From Monterrey. (Y)

  • Nava Skolnik
    Posted at 09:23h, 01 January

    Having many issues with good email going into spam folder, in the last few weeks. Not sure what's going on, some are in the middle of conversation, and the reply is going into spam. Have no other local filters or rules. Using apple mail.

  • Dave Cadriel
    Posted at 16:09h, 05 January

    I noticed there were only 5 fields each on the black and white lists. So, does that mean you can only have 5 each or once you save it, it's listed for life and you can retype over it and add more?

  • Edmund Verwey
    Posted at 10:54h, 05 October

    So if I have 500 domains I want to block I need to add them individually? Or is there a copy and paste option?

  • MacboatASU
    Posted at 06:44h, 24 January

    Can I black list a pattern? I found all of the spams I got are from (xxxx can be anything, for example:;