How to Build a Website from Scratch in 5 Minutes using Windows Notepad on PC!

Bhavin , India – Pathetic service – Please don’t host your website on #Justhost. The server goes down abruptly in the middle of the week and their customer service is pathetic.

In this video, I challenge myself to write a very bare HTML website from scratch in 5 minutes using only Windows Notepad on a PC. Writing a website in HTML from the bottom up is still a relevant skill that will serve beginning and seasoned developers in their careers.

Though there are millions (exaggeration) of content management systems that pretty much eliminate the need to build from scratch (I’m a WordPress Warrior myself), writing HTML is a good practice to help you better understand how sites are structure and read other developers code that will help you become better at customizing any website.

For my personal website:

dljworks 3 key essentials for building a website

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To build high quality custom WordPress themes or confidently customize an existing one, learn the ropes first with Chris Coyier’s “Digging into WordPress”

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