How To Build A Website On Bluehost 2020 [Bluehost Review 2020]

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How To Build A Website On Bluehost 2020 [Bluehost Review 2020]
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Learn how to build a website on bluehost in 2020. You can check out this infographic for my review on bluehost here & Article below.

๐Ÿ‘‡ Video Timestamps:

04:00 – Start
01:05 – Hosting
02:28 – Setup Hosting
08:48 – Start Building
13:22 – Add Content
25:22 – Quick Tips
28:36 – End

5 Proven Ways to Make Money with Your Website

5 Proven Ways to Make Money with Your Website

Bluehost Review 2020: 5 Reasons Why It Remains the Best Hosting Service for Many

When people ask me what hosting company would be the best for them, I instantly tell them to go see what Bluehost can offer them.

More times than not, I do not even need to ask them what they need from their hosting provider. Afterall, Bluehost will provide them with just about everything โ€“ and more โ€“ which they might need.

Of course, I tend to get sentimental when it comes to this hosting provider. Thus, I have decided to do a mini Bluehost review for 2020 here, focusing on the many benefits that make me love what they offer.

1 Storage
When building your first website, one thing that you might not think about is the storage options that come with your hosting plan. It takes using the website for a while to see that you have started racing to the end of your storage plan and would have to purchase a bigger plan for a better storage option.

That is not the same with Bluehost which has most of its plans coming with an unlimited storage offer.

2 Flexibility

One thing that puts me off from a lot of other hosting services that I have used in the past is the type of plan and options that they had โ€“ or lack thereof.

I love a company that is intuitive enough to offer different plans that will cater to different kinds of website owners. Thus, you can make sure you are paying for just what you need โ€“ and are using. That beats having to pay for all those extras which you donโ€™t even get to enjoy or maximize in the end.

3 Customer Support

Even if a company had the best hosting around but tie that with poor customer service, best believe that I wonโ€™t be doing business with them.

Depending on your kind of business, a server downtime, website issue or any such related problems could lead to a massive loss of revenue. Thus, I prefer having a customer support system that is designed to not only reply timely but help me through the problems I might be dealing with.


4 Integration Library

When you start your website, there are a host of tools and resources which you might not know would help you at all. In the long run, though, you start feeling the need for these tools.

Bluehost is one step ahead of you here, ensuring they pack a massive library of application and software integrations for your website.

All you have to do is browse your dashboard for what you need, and you can get it done in a simple click. The entire layout is super simple and easy to navigate.

5 Social Proof

You donโ€™t have to take anything I have said here with seriousness. Simply go online to see what people are saying about this company, and you will know that they have been doing something right for so long. If you check out other reviews you will notice more satisfied customers that have chosen to use bluehost website hosting.

WordPress is also super easy to install. If you follow along in the video tutorial guide, you will see bluehost installs wordpress automatically in just a few seconds. With the thousands of free WordPress themes available itโ€™s one of the top choices you can make if you want to save money.

You will also get a free domain name included with your bluehost plan. The Cpanel is super easy to use and laid out very well for beginners. Mostly just point and click and all the tech stuff is done for you which is awesome!

The customer service is great too. You just click the โ€œChatโ€ button at the top of the homepage, add in a few details and you will be chatting with a representative in a few minutes. They can help you with any website problems you may have.

How to Build a Website on Bluehost

One other advantage of Bluehost is in how it is beginner-friendly. But, not everyone knows how to build a website on Bluehost, while some others prefer that someone handles it for them.

Contract the job out to someone who is well versed with the hosting service today, and you will get the best bang for your buck when that website gets underway.

Note: To keep these video tutorials free, I make a small commission every time you purchase through these links in the description.

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