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Highly disappointed. I have moved from Godaddy to #bluehost 3 years ago on basis of bigger space and 99.9% uptime. Today my hosting company is not the same. I have developed business and hosted many websites of my customers; all are down much too often and too long each time. To move all my websites (20) to a new hosting company will be a challenge. I will have to hassle to keep my customers. They (Blue Host) should pay me for the loses and false promises. I am wandering if I can sue them.

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Buy Domain And Hosting From Bluehost .

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In this Bluehost domain and hosting video, we show you how to buy domain and hosting from Bluehost step by step. You’ll even be getting a free domain name with Bluehost. Purchasing a domain name and web hosting from Bluehost is a quick and easy process. Buying a domain and hosting from Bluehost will take you just minutes Bluehost is one of my favorite web hosts out there and is a top rated web hosting provider around the world and we recommend that you choose Bluehost for your web hosting. Bluehost has cheap hosting prices starting as low as $3.95 a month plus you get a free domain name. By the end of the Bluehost domain and hosting tutorial video, you will know how to buy domain and hosting from Bluehost.

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