How To Change Domain Name Server(DNS) On to Part 1

Marshall R , Canada – Worst Company EVER! DO NOT USE! – STAY AWAY FROM JUST HOST, Do Not Use. I had a 1 Year 1 Domain name package free given to me from a template I purchased from another site as a promo, as I was also looking for a new domain name it came in handy, the email i used I lost access too a month into the subscription which was fine until i had to re log into the panel and was denied access saying my user credentials where invalid. I contacted support explained what happened and I would like access to my account, first they wanted a CC, i had a Prepaid MC with me (ones you use and throw out) I said i might of used it but because of it being a throw away I don’t have it no more, i said their should be other ways to verify me, name, phone call, I even wanted to given them my Drivers ID, they refused and said sorry we cant do nothing, since then I have had No way to access my account and they have been holding my domain name hostage. I advise you unless you want them to steal your domain name, DO NOT USE THEM AT ALL

UPDATE: The Domain Name Servers have changed for Justhost. If your using you want to point the nameservers to;

This is a short tutorial on how to change your Godaddy nameservers to Justhost nameservers. It’s mainly for people that bought their Domain names from but want to use as their hosting provider. I recommend buying domain name’s from Godaddy but using a different provider as hosting. Other hosts provide more services for a fraction of the price Godaddy charges. Thank you for watching!!!

Albert Undercoffer


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