How To Change Domain Name Server(DNS) On to Part 2

Kevin , California, USA – Terrible customer service, hidden charges, hides options – This company just pushes and pushes add-ons and hidden fees. God forbid you happen to miss one thing and you’ll start getting recurring costs that they refuse to refund. And threaten you with a $25 fee if you dispute it with your credit card company. They also don’t give you the option to disable auto-renew for host costs. You have to verbally or hand write them 16 days before the renewal to cancel. If your late they’ll charge you an exorbitant fee far beyond your initial signup agreement. This company is just a group of scammers, stay away!

This is the second installation on how to change your domain name servers (DNS) from Godaddy to Justhost. You can buy your domain names from Godaddy and use a different hosting company (such as to host your website. In return saving you a lot of money.

Albert Undercoffer


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