How To change Gmail Background Theme or Use a custom Image For your Gmail account

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If you are a Gmail account Holder and you are boring To watch the custom background of your Gmail account then now is the time for trying something new. After Reading This article you will be able to change your boring custom Gmail theme and also you can set your perfect image which is taken by you. And You’ll able to use that image as your Gmail background Theme. Then Follow This steps:

How To Change Gmail Background Theme:
1. Log In to your Gmail account.
2. In the top right corner, there is a gear icon which is also called “settings” option click on that.
3. There is a Theme option in Drop Downlist. click on that.
4. A new window will be pop up and show you that “pick your theme”.
5. You can choose any custom Themes which is provided by google.
6. Click save to apply that Theme.

How To change Gmail Background Theme using A custom Image:
1. Repeat 1-5 steps of “How To Change Gmail Background Theme”.
2. In the bottom right corner of “pick your Theme window” there is an option called “my photos”.
3. Click on that you see the various option.
4. Choose to upload a photo.
5. Then you can just drag and drop your custom image or you will able to upload it.
6. After uploading your image just click on that and click save to apply that image.

In short, go to your Gmail account, Click on gear option and select theme option. choose a theme and click on save to apply that theme.

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