How to Change Godaddy Hosting to Just Host Hosting

Avoid this company at all costs – We been using #Justhost for the last 2 years. suddenly my site got suspended because they claim that we are “utilizing an excessive amount of system resources”. OK, so our traffic is getting bigger which is a normal trend in the online world. So you would expect that they would send an email and tell you have 24 Hours to move your site to a dedicated server. NO, THEY SUSPENDED OUR SITE!!! I IMMEDIATELY opened a ticket and called them over 5 times in the last 24 hours, and this is the answer i keep getting, WE ARE SORRY BUT THE DEPT THAT HANDLE THESE ISSUES CANNOT BE REACHED BY PHONE, AND THE SUPPORT TEAM THAT ANSWERS THE PHONE, DON’T HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH THEM. WOW!!! I have since sent emails , called open a ticket and NOT ONE SINGLE WORK FROM MYSTERIES CAVE OPERATING DEPT. Even when I made it clear we will do whatever it takes to get the site back up even if we had to pay x10 more for a dedicated server, money is not an issue. Can you imagine your site going down, and you can’t do anything about. well that’s #Justhost for you. Never Again! In this video I discuss How to Change Godaddy Hosting to Just Host Hosting.

It may seem a little daunting but I assure you its very simple!

It’ll take less than 2 minutes to change have your domain nameservers pointing from justhost to Godaddy & you’ll be glad you did it.

How to Change Godaddy Hosting to Just Host Hosting will walk you thru step by step & why.

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