How To Change Nameservers From GoDaddy To HostGator

discontinuing of services, they have charged my credit card for both (they make it impossible to cancel online). Last December, since I couldn’t get them to refund me the amount charged, I requested that they at least remove me from the recurring charge plan so it wouldn’t happen again. Based on an email from them, I figured out that apparently they didn’t cancel the recurring charge, so I called again this year and asked that everything be cancelled. Then I received another email asking me to respond whether I wanted to cancel the domain name, too. I responded to the email saying, yes, please cancel everything. Still, I was charged for both!! These guys are either crooks or just incredibly incompetent!! #HOSTGATORSUCKS

Now That You Know How To Change Your GoDaddy Nameservers To HostGator – Learn How To Market Yourself At

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