How to change the background in your photos

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Today we’re going to continue our tutorial on photo editing and show you how to remove the background from any of your pictures so you can replace it with something more interesting. You can do it yourself with our simple photo editing software – Movavi Photo Editor:

Mac version:

Watch the first part of our tutorial, where we talked about how to delete any object from your photos – including your ex!–Olhqf–ogqCS2kR98&index=3&t=1s

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Want a photo of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower but haven’t had the opportunity to go to Paris? Or maybe you want to create a personalized birthday card for a friend by placing them into their favourite movie or game? We know just how to help you! Changing the background in your photos is easier than you think, and in today’s video, we’ll show you the easiest and fastest way to get to any place on Earth – just sit at your computer!

Step 1. Install Movavi Photo Editor
Open the file you’ve downloaded and follow the onscreen installation instructions.

Step 2. Upload a Photo to the Program
Launch Movavi Photo Editor. Click the Browse for Images button and choose the image to upload – or just drag your photo into the working area of the program.

Step 3. Replace the Background
First, open the Background Removal tab. Choose the green Foreground Brush and mark the objects in the foreground that you want to keep in the photo. Now mark the background with the red Background Brush. The objects you’ve marked now have a yellow outline around them. If you’re satisfied with how accurately the objects are marked, click Set New Background.

Your objects will be displayed on a transparent background. Now, you can choose any colour for the background or leave it transparent, or you can replace the background with a different photo altogether! Click Add Image and select Upload to use a picture of your own or choose a copyright-free image from our background collection.

Step 4. Save the Edited Image
To save the photo, click the Save button in the lower right corner of the program window, choose the appropriate image format, and click Save.

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