How To Choose the Best Web Host: Bluehost SiteGround HostGator and GoDaddy Pros and Cons (2020)

Very Unhappy Customer! Avoid Blue host!!! I’ve been with Blue host too long. Too many problems over the years, a lack of basic service and assistance to address problems they claim to offer help with where other companies will not. What Blue host is special at is directing me to search, the web for addressing any issue they fail to address, which sadly has been every issue I’ve brought to their attention. They offer a multitude of fluff services and their customer service/tech representatives work from home, making the speaking connection poor at times opposed to hard line at an actual company. Far too many complaints to list. Avoid Blue host and invest your money with a company that will actually deliver on what they promise!

Today we’ll review common web hosting pros and cons so you can learn how to choose the best web host for your new blog or website – Enjoy! Join our WordPress Facebook Community:

After doing a quick summary we learn what to actually click at each web host to get the best discount. Speaking of discounts, get 4 months free web hosting at the end!

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Top 8 Web Hosting Provider FAQs from Google:

What are the advantages of web hosting?
Improved site performance like speed, ability to use plugins and themes. Increased security. Domain associated email address. High quality support.

Can I get free web hosting?
Free web hosting sites like Blogger or Wix will give you a very limited site for free, however you will have to pay incrementally for upgrades such as to edit code. You may not be able to advertise. Therefore it’s better to pay a nominal fee upfront for a web hosting provider then never look back.

What is the best web host?
Credible articles on the web commonly list Bluehost, SiteGround, GreekGeeks, HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, WPEngine, A2, FlyWheel and more. The best web host for your needs can vary based on website and budget size.

Does WP dot org require hosting?
Yes. Self hosted requires you to choose a host like those in this hosting review, which come readymade with all the tools to easily install onto your domain name and start blogging (beginner friendly).

What is web hosting?
Web hosting is defined as the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites.

How much does web hosting cost?
Typically $3-10/mo. Use our links above to get the following lowest monthly prices: Bluehost $2.65/mo – SiteGround $6.99/mo – HostGator $2.64/mo – GoDaddy $1/mo

What are the other costs of web hosting?
The only necessary cost is a domain name. Yet many web hosts offer a free domain in the first year! WordPress itself comes with 1000s of free plugins and themes aka website and blog templates. You may choose to purchase addons such as enhanced privacy, backups or premium plugins.

What is the best time to get web hosting?
Many bloggers and website owners will advice starting now and bemoan their own delays starting up, as they could have learned what they know now sooner, made more money, made more connections, etc.

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    Fantastic review! Since I want to switch from my current web host. The prices you show are the final prices correct? So there are no additional (hidden) costs for using WordPress? I like GoDaddy (they are cheap and their servers are fast). But…they don't offer chat service. Correct? Thanks a bunch!