How To Create A Blog : For Beginners [THE EASY WAY]

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How To Create A Blog : For Beginners [THE EASY WAY]

If you have been on the internet for a long time, then you are already familiar with blog websites. These are websites which have informal content posted on them about a particular topic or niche.

The owner or webmaster of the blog website is usually the one who authors these blog posts. In many cases, the guests who read these posts will be able to respond to them. Blogs can have all kinds of content, including written text, videos, and images.

Before you go ahead and learn how to create a blog website of your own, you must first decide why you are creating one. Are you trying to make money through Google AdSense or some other advertising program? Do you just want to inform people about a topic or niche which you have a skill or interest in? You can’t just make one or two posts a month and expect the blog to grow big.

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Domain Name

Now, let’s talk about how to create a blog. If you are familiar with the process of starting a regular website, then you are already off to a good start. But, we will go over the basics anyway just to ensure that you know. A blog website needs to have a catchy and short domain name, so people will be able to remember it.

A domain name is something like or Go to a domain registrar website like GoDaddy or to register the name for about $10 per year.


Once you have figured out the domain name that you want, you need to purchase a hosting service to store the data files of your future blog. You can also use GoDaddy for that or another hosting service like HostGator or iPage. Alternatively, these hosts include domain registration services too, so it will be easier to connect your domain names to your hosting plan.

Choose the Blogging Platform

You do not need to have web design or programming experience to set up your blog. In fact, there are many free blogging platforms available which you can install onto your hosting service with just a few clicks. The most recommended blogging platform is WordPress.

If you go to the Control Panel of your hosting plan, you should see something called “QuickInstall” or “Install WordPress.” These are the options that will let you install the WordPress platform software right onto your hosting account. It will ask you to choose a username and email address first. Then, after the platform is installed, it will automatically generate a login password for you.

Get Familiar with WordPress

The WordPress installation should have sent you the credentials that you’ll need to log in to your blog’s administrative control panel. The login address is usually something like

You will be brought to the dashboard of your WordPress blog website. From there, you have an array of options on the vertical menu to the left. It may take you some time to get familiar with everything but for now, you should get familiar with how to create blog posts. That is what you will want to start doing right away.

Make a Blog Post

To make a blog post, you can begin by clicking on the “Posts” link that is listed in the vertical navigational bar on the left. You will be brought to a “Posts” page which shows you a list of your active blog posts. The default blog post that gets installed along with the platform will have something like “Hello world” as the subject. You can just delete that by checking the box next to it and going to Bulk Actions, then Move to Trash.

To get started blogging, click on the “Add New” button at the top of the page. You will be brought to the Add New Post page. Here is where you will enter the content of your blog. Type your title in the long horizontal box on the top and then type the main content in the bigger box underneath. If you want to add pictures or videos to the blog post, click the “Add Media” button and it will let you easily upload or link to the media content that you want to present.

If you are satisfied with what you see and want the blog to get published for everyone’s eyes to see, then click the “Publish” button. You can also click “Save Draft” if you still want to work on it later without publishing it right away.

WordPress Design Options

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform because it is very flexible and easy to use. There are thousands of premade plugins and theme templates that you can freely use to design the look and feel of your blog. As you play around with these plugins and themes, you will eventually find the right design for your blog.

Remember that a blog is a continuous working progress. Not only do you have to keep adding new blog posts, but you should occasionally modify the design and pages as well. WordPress makes this easy enough for anyone to do.

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