How to Create a Blog Page on WordPress – Part 17

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Learn how to make a WordPress website in around 4 hours! We will be creating a photography website using one of the top selling WordPress Themes, the Avada Theme.

The tutorial is broken down into 28 videos to make it easy to follow.

Actual client website with proven conversions 📈

Avada Theme:
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Affiliate Disclaimer: If you purchase BlueHost, Avada, or WP Rocket via our referral link we may earn a commission. Doesn’t affect you at all, but it does help us keep producing content like this. Thank you for your support 🙌

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Website Preview – Part 2
Cost Overview – Part 3
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Settings and Logo – Part 11
Crete a Menu – Part 12
Setup Typography – Part 13
Create Blog Post – Part 14
Create Contact Form – Part 15
Contact Form 2 – Part 16
Blog Page – Part 17 (You Are Here)
Blog Page 2 – Part 18
Process Page – Part 19
Pricing Page – Part 20
Reviews Page – Part 21
Portfolio page – Part 22
About Page – Part 23
Home Page – Part 24
Home Page 2 – Part 25
Edit Buttons – Part 26
Final Edits – Part 27
Closing Remarks – Part 28

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