How to Create a HTML Signature in the Roundcube Webmail Client

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Roundcube is one of the default webmail clients that come with your web hosting account. A very common question is how to use an HTML signature. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating and using an HTML signature. Please be aware that even though you may have set Roundcube to use an HTML signature, the reader of your email must be viewing your email using HTML in order to view any HTML-based formatting such as fonts, colors or images.

Login to Webmail – select and launch the Roundcube webmail client

In order to add an HTML signature, you need to edit an Identity within Roundcube. Click on SETTINGS in the top right hand corner, then click on IDENTITIES.

Select an existing identity or click on the PLUS sign at the bottom of the Identities column to create a new one.

Fill in the information for the identity of if necessary.

Click on SET DEFAULT in order to use this signature for that email address.

Underneath the SIGNATURE box click on HTML signature (you may need to scroll down to see the option).

Type in the text for your signature. If you have an image or other HTML options, click on the HTML button in the tool bar for the signature editor. This will allow you to enter HTML code. This is where you would add your images for your signature.

NOTE: Your image will need to be accessible via an HTML link. Upload the image to a resource where this can be accessed such as your web server. You can then use the link for your image to add it to your email signature.

Click on UPDATE to save your HTML code.
Click on SAVE in order to save your new signature. You should be able to see the graphics for signature in the preview window.

Next, click on Settings again and this time click on COMPOSING MESSAGES.

Make sure to click on the drop down box and select ALWAYS for COMPOSING HTML MESSAGES.

Click on SAVE at the bottom to save your signature

You will be able to see the HTML signature when creating new messages with the identity.

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