How To Create A Website In 2020 In Less Than $100

I do not recommend. I had a very bad experience with #bluehost. Very nice environment and nice support, but if you have a bit more traffic or database activity, they will kick you out as they did it with me. Does not matter if you are “green” in all meters they are presenting you in the control panel. I was forced to migrate my website after get the “get out” message and it took me more than a week to put my website back online.

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This is a comprehensive tutorial on how to create a website in 2020 in less than $100. This tutorial will teach you on how to buy a domain name, how to choose and purchase a website hosting account from a reputed web hosting provider, and the basics of creating a website using WordPress.

Below are the links for buying web hosting space from reputed website hosting providers:
TMD Hosting:

Below are the links of companies for buying a domain name:

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    Posted at 16:45h, 07 May

    Great vid. hope You don't mind me watching. Also, let's build each other up xo

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    Posted at 17:09h, 07 May

    Awesome video. Keep them coming!!

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    So this is what you meant by helping us making money Online, Great Stuff Mate n keep up the good Work.