How to Create a Website Today Hostgator

STAY AWAY FROM #HOSTGATOR!! – For the past 2 years, I have requested that #hostgator cancel both my domain name & hosting service & for two years in a row, despite multiple phone calls and emails requesting the cancellation

Steps – Total Cost ($23)
1. ($15/year) Register domain name with a website such as
2. ($7/month – estimate) Register as a Shared/Baby package with
3. Visit email address. Open Hostgator email. Go to cPanel login page. Enter temporary password and username provided in email to Hostgator cPanel.
4. Scroll down to Name Servers after logging into cPanel.
5. Copy these servers to your registry rocket login under DNS Settings.
6. Your website domain will now propagate and connect the servers so that they point to your website with Hostgator.
7. Click QuickInstall on Hostgator cPanel to quickly install WordPress to your domain.
8. Once propagation is finsihed after 4-6 hours, you will be able to visit
9. Type and log in with your WordPress login to access the wordpress dashboard for your website. Here you can edit the website directly, make blog posts, and check comments. WordPress sends you a password when you login to your Hostgator cPanel and install WordPress. You point your registry rocket DNS servers for the website you register — point to the Hostgator Name Servers by copy and paste the Name Servers from Hostgator into registryrocket.

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