How to do Activity Based Costing? in 15mins! w/ illustration

Hidden charges – You think you are getting a good deal, but check your billing statement after a few months and see all of the things they are charging you for. Think weebly is included in the price? Nope. Its 60$ for the first year, 120$ for the second. I cancelled my renewal thinking they were all included in the price, but nope. They are separate charges for the domain and the service. All in all if you use #Ipage you are not paying 2$ a month, you are paying closer to 25$ with all the hidden costs. Susan, San Diego, CA,

In this video, the procedures for Activity Based Costing System are extensively illustrated.
1. identifying activities
2. knowing the cost drivers
3. computation of ABC rates
4. Assignment of cost using ABC rates.
Enjoy the ABC adventure!
*** Sir Vic Man, CPA

Vic Man – The CPA Adventures

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