How to do Email Migration to Bluehost using IMAP to Bluehost Backup Tool ?

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This video tutorial will help you to know about how can a user migrate emails to Bluehost account. One of the best email migrations to Bluehost application in present time to transfer domain to Bluehost. User can import emails from one server to Bluehost account in quick manner. If you also want to know how do I migrate to Bluehost account, just watch this video which will guide you through the whole process with the help of a professional Email Backup Wizard software.
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Bluehost Backup Tool – Transfer/Migrate Bluehost Email to Gmail, Outlook, Office 365

The software performs its working in a live environment where users can import emails from IMAP to Bluehost account. Users can login into one IMAP account and then migrate data to your required Bluehost Webmail account. It will only require the account login credentials of source IMAP account and destination Bluehost IMAP details i.e. Username, Password & Bluehost IMAP Server address.
You don’t give any information about whether it is an IMAP account or a POP account. The difference being that IMAP emails are stored on the server but generally POP emails are stored on a PC, though they may be retained on the server.
If it is a POP account and all emails are on the PC, all you need to do is create the email accounts at Bluehost (let’s not get into a discussion about the problems with Bluehost). Depending on the name of the mail server you are connecting to ( compared to, the transition may be transparent.
For IMAP, the easiest way I have found is to compress the /user/mail and /user/etc. directories and save them in the web facing home directory so you can either get them directly or download them and then upload to the new host.

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