How To Download A folder From cPanel

Marshall R , Canada – Worst Company EVER! DO NOT USE! – STAY AWAY FROM JUST HOST, Do Not Use. I had a 1 Year 1 Domain name package free given to me from a template I purchased from another site as a promo, as I was also looking for a new domain name it came in handy, the email i used I lost access too a month into the subscription which was fine until i had to re log into the panel and was denied access saying my user credentials where invalid. I contacted support explained what happened and I would like access to my account, first they wanted a CC, i had a Prepaid MC with me (ones you use and throw out) I said i might of used it but because of it being a throw away I don’t have it no more, i said their should be other ways to verify me, name, phone call, I even wanted to given them my Drivers ID, they refused and said sorry we cant do nothing, since then I have had No way to access my account and they have been holding my domain name hostage. I advise you unless you want them to steal your domain name, DO NOT USE THEM AT ALL

At times, need arises to download a folder from your cPanel to work with. In such case, this video could help you know how you can download a folder from cPanel within minutes.

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    Whats this man ? you downloaded zip file not folder. read your title first. and give suggestion to download folder not zip. we know that to covert zip and it treat as file and later we can download it.

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