How To Easiest Way to Install WordPress from Scratch on cPanel WordPress Toolkit 2021 Step by Step

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In this video, I will show you step by step how to install WordPress on cPanel (WordPress Toolkit) of latest version, including tips and bonus from experience.

πŸ‘‹ Resources called out in this video:
1) cPanel, example hosting provider:
[a] Exabytes:
[b] DreamHost:
[c] Bluehost:
[d] GoDaddy:
[e] HostGator:
[f] SiteGround:

⌚ Timestamps:
0:00 Introduction
01: 23 What is cPanel
02:03 Web & Email Hosting is same?
03:54 Steps to Install WordPress
04:38 Step 1: Update Domain Name DNS (Cloudflare)
06:23 Step 2: Add Domain Name to cPanel
08:34 Generate SSL Certificate (via cPanel – AutoSSL)
09:40 Alternate Generate SSL Certificate via Cloudflare
13:10 Using WordPress Toolkit
14:15 Install WordPress (and Settings)
22:45 Wrap Up

🎁 Additional Resources You Might Need:
1. Domain Name Provider (Namesilo):

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