How to File Kra Nil Returns on Itax 2021- Tutorial

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*Step By Step Guide On How to File KRA Nil Returns*

Step 1: Visit KRA Portal
The first step in Filing KRA Nil REturns is by visiting the KRA Portal or simply iTax Portal. Using your KRA PIN number and iTax Password, Log into your iTax account at

Step 2: Log Into KRA iTax iPage Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged into your iTax account (iPage) you should see the following as shown above. In you iTax account you can do a variety of tasks online. Our main focus for this blog post will be on KRA Returns.

Step 3: Click On File Nil Return Tab

On your iTax account top panel menu, Click on Returns and then File Nil Return.

Step 4: Select The Nil e-Return Form

In the type section, select Self. It will populate your KRA PIN Number and in the Tax Obligation – Income Tax Resident. Click Next to proceed.

Step 5: Fill The Income Tax – Resident Individual Nil e-Return Form

In this part, you select the return period. Since we are filing KRA Nil Returns for the previous year 2019, our return period will start from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020. The return period to automatically autofills by itself. Click on the submit button to proceed

Step 6: Download KRA Nil Returns Receipt


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