How to Force HTTPS – Using "Really Simple SSL" WordPress Plugin

discontinuing of services, they have charged my credit card for both (they make it impossible to cancel online). Last December, since I couldn’t get them to refund me the amount charged, I requested that they at least remove me from the recurring charge plan so it wouldn’t happen again. Based on an email from them, I figured out that apparently they didn’t cancel the recurring charge, so I called again this year and asked that everything be cancelled. Then I received another email asking me to respond whether I wanted to cancel the domain name, too. I responded to the email saying, yes, please cancel everything. Still, I was charged for both!! These guys are either crooks or just incredibly incompetent!! #HOSTGATORSUCKS

If you’re wondering why your SSL is not working on your website, or still going through HTTP protocol, you may need to force it with an HTTPS redirect. In this vid, we’ll show you how to route all traffic through the SSL and ensure that every web page is secure.

Note: You do get FREE SSL with every hosting account with HostGator, but you may still need to activate it by forcing the HTTPS.

In this video you’ll learn:
How to make sure your SSL is working
How to install a third party SSL Certificate on HostGator
How to force SSL with an HTTPS redirect
How to Install the Really Simple SSL Plugin on WordPress

Learn More About SSL Certificates:
A Guide to WordPress Plugins:
Read about the WordPress HTTPS (SSL) Plugin:


  • Call
    Posted at 20:08h, 30 April

    loved it

  • Visualmodo
    Posted at 20:09h, 30 April

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  • Zareh Missirian
    Posted at 08:27h, 01 May

    hello i have Question please actually im afraid to add the SSL because i tried before, with Itheme sicurity Plugin but suddenly it just locked my site with red treiangle warning showed out and i couldnt get my wordpress once again i called the Company which i bought  from them the domain and the Hosting , they deleted  all the info inside my wordpress , actualy it wasnt so much matter to me because i didnt work so much in it, but the Problem now that they told me for the second time if anything goes wrong Maybe it will be hard for them to delete once again somehow i understood that they wont do it  again or help, and in another hand they didnt give me my Hosting number that i can work through it if any Thing goes wrong  , so what do you recommend to me ?