How To Get $100 in Free Google Ads (Inside HostGator) | Google Adwords Promo Code

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Start by purchasing web hosting through HostGator (use coupon code: “webpresence60” to get up to 60% off). Not sure how? Check out this video:

In this video – we’ll go over:
► Logging into your HostGator account to get your Google Ads (Adwords) Coupon Code
► We’ll check out the fine print to determine eligibility for the $100 credit
► Then we’ll log into Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) and activate your coupon code, so you can use it in your next advertising campaign.

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(Jump to specific parts of this video):
1:58 Log into HostGator cPanel and Customer Portal
3:12 Fine Print (Eligibility Requirements)
5:18 Getting Started
6:07 Logging into Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)
8:19 Question of the Day


If you haven’t created your HostGator hosting account yet, check out the following video on Choosing A Hosting Plan and Getting Started With HostGator:

Want to create your Google Ads (formerly Adwords) Account? Here’s a video on how to do that:

Where do you go to access Google Ads (Adwords)?:

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