How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Website | Add SSL To Website

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Learn How to get a free SSL certificate for website and transfer website from HTTP to HTTPS protocol. Secure Website with SSL Certificate


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Get Free SSL from Cloudflare

Learn how to upload website online

Here in this video you will learn how to get SSL Certificate for website and redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPS. We will use FREE SSL provided by cloudflare for our website. We will also configure cloudflare to redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS. I will remove the not secure url warning from browser and it will add secure lock icon on browser for our website.

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    I have used "lets encrypt" for SSL certificate

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  • Coding Nuggets
    Posted at 04:50h, 26 February

    Cool you actually covered this. Its super important to serve your site securely and a lot of people don't realize how easy it is with Cloudflare. Another note on Cloudflare is that DNS propagation is nearly immediate. See you soon!

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