How to Get Hosting from HostGator | Step by Step Tutorial

Scam – They continue taking money out of my account even though my site was not up until we realize we contacted them numerous times and they said it was our fault after they have removed our site and continue taking money out of the bank account I will never use these people they are worse not willing to refund our money – Karthic, india

Hosting is important to setting up a website and you can proceed by buying a hosting plan. Buying a hosting plan is pretty easy but newbies find it challenging. But selecting a right hosting is important If you want a stable website. You don’t need to worry as I got you covered in this video tutorial.

In this video, I’ll try to answer the questions that a newbie needs to learn before buying a hosting for their website. Hostgator has various plans that can help you get started from like WordPress, Static, PHP and more. You can get started with shared hosting if you are just getting started out.

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