How to get the Justhost-discount of 50%-off

Lei , Sydney, Australia – Database lost; no accountability and willingness to resolve issue – DB for my WordPress site became empty suddenly overnight. I realised the issue and contacted support. Not only did #Justhost avoided responsibility and took no actions to resolve the issue, they blamed me as a consumer for not maintaining a current backup and not informing them of their failure in a timely manner. The website is commercial in nature and the downtime and #Justhost’s failure to protect my data has a direct financial impact on my business. The issue is still not resolved and I have still yet receive a adequate response from #Justhost as to the root cause of the issue. Avoid their service at all cost.

How to get the Justhost-discount of 50%-off Get your JustHost discount, simply by going to, then going to close your tab and a chat window will appear and also a pop up wanting to to stay on the page. Click to stay on the page and then click the offer link in the chat window. If you are given a 20% off, first, do the same until you get 50% off. How to get the Justhost-discount of 50%-off


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