how to host 2 or more different websites in hostagator web hosting

#asmallorange Lisa – A Small Orange – Stay Away – We moved to A Small Orange from our previous host after doing extensive research. Even though ASO was a bit more expensive than some other hosts, we went with them as they had great reviews and promise a “Homegrown Website Hosting” service with great support. Oh boy. This company, who is now a part of the huge EIG conglomerate, is a complete mess. We’ve had numerous issues with them. Here are just a couple of them:
– When we reported spam that we were getting from a 3rd party, they locked OUR account, without investigating who the abuser and who the victim was.
– The downtime is extremely frequent, and happens weekly.
– They will often block outgoing emails via SMTP, using MailChannels
– They deleted a bunch of files on our hosting, without letting us know. This was apparently due to a false positive by their updated malware scanner. They did not contact us to let us know that they had updated the scanner, or that any files were deleted. When this was reported to them, they took TWO WEEKS to get back to us, despite numerous emails.
– If you have issues with abuse or mail deliverability, live chat or regular support CAN NOT and WILL NOT help you. They will create a ticket and forward it to the abuse team, who does not work 24/7.
On top of all that, their tone and their approach is nonchalant and unapologetic. They really sound like they do not care about their customers, and it shows.
A Small Orange has been a huge disappointment, and hosting with them is simply not worth the hassle. We’ve had numerous hosts over the years, but A Small Orange takes the prize as one of the worst web hosts ever. Avoid.

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Tony Chai

  • tk iton
    Posted at 01:53h, 28 December

    Thanks so much

  • Terrence Connelly
    Posted at 02:23h, 07 January

    I have just signed up for Hostgate to host my website – they have taken my money and will not set up my account until I send them a copy of my passport, photo ID and copy of my credit card through which I made my payment.  I am new to online business so is this a standard practice???  I have emailed them with my concerns but so far no reply. I am concerned why they would need this info and what they plan to do with it – I receive scam emails from Nigeria that ask for less info.  Your comments would be helpful

  • stole1102
    Posted at 12:38h, 19 January

    You complicated too much… :/

  • cliff cheung
    Posted at 05:45h, 24 February

    get to the point.. you must have said the word "host" "web" and the word "uh" a thousand times. 

  • cliff cheung
    Posted at 05:46h, 24 February

    uhhhhhhhhhhhh uhu huh uhhhhhh

  • Olivia Williams
    Posted at 03:40h, 29 March

    Thank you! : )

  • jdfieldy
    Posted at 16:21h, 30 March

    Use the code springsavings to get you first month on hostgator for only $0.01!

  • Magic Flute
    Posted at 07:21h, 12 June

    You mean if you sign up with "namecheap" your domain particulars will automatically be transferred to hostgator ?  Did you even indicate in your namecheap registration that you are with hostgator?

  • atelierdepapel
    Posted at 13:20h, 22 October

    Thanks for our help! best regards

  • Johnny Bello
    Posted at 18:31h, 07 November

    can you plz show how to get ssl certificate

  • Spare time to film
    Posted at 04:46h, 25 November

    to get free hosting with HOSTGATOR ENTER CODE WALKINGTIPS2 

    Posted at 07:43h, 06 March

    Thanks a lot, Tony! 
    Very helpful – it makes my day!

  • Alltech Industrial Services
    Posted at 16:31h, 11 May

    Hostgator Sucks !  It used to be good but it really turned to crap once they sold the company – I moved and I am now in the process of moving all of my clients away from Hostgator as well – Find a U S BAsed Host that has U S Based Support – Liquid Web is a good one – they are located in Lansing, MI  and all support is U S Based

    Posted at 14:42h, 23 July

    For the whole video you didnt even mention how to host 2 or more different website. this is just linking one or two domain to one site.. how about a 2nd site? please correct me if im wrong.. thanks

  • Falklang
    Posted at 15:06h, 29 August

    Thanks for the video! I didn't realise the name server stayed the same! haha, I though host-gator would give you different ones. Easier than I thought!

  • Teresa Yoder
    Posted at 22:40h, 31 August

    Thank you! I was able to add my second domain, purchased from to my hostgator account. I am new to this website thing and your instructions were clear and simple.

  • M Adham
    Posted at 22:58h, 22 September

    HostGator is crap stay away from them!

  • Loren Trottier
    Posted at 03:13h, 06 November

    The FTP username does not automatically fill in. And even though I use my FTP user or password for my main domain it doesn't work?

  • Anders Karlsson
    Posted at 21:00h, 24 January

    Thanks! I just bought a hostgator account and your guide helped a lot in setting it up since I am new to this sort of stuff. After reading the comments here I am a bit worried but so far I have had no problems with it. Btw I found another coupon you might want to add to the list, SAVEBIG2016. I saved $236 with that one 🙂

  • Woon Sin Chong
    Posted at 04:22h, 15 February

    Thansk for the video info.
    i just bought a hostgator account.
    how to find out the servername for secondary domain name in hostgator. does it the same for all the domains hosting at the same account ?
    Appreciate and thanks.

  • Varun Singh
    Posted at 23:09h, 19 March

    Too low quality

  • Naveen Kumar
    Posted at 16:13h, 29 August

    Anyone knows how to hide the subdomain from google or indexing

  • candid0111
    Posted at 19:14h, 28 November

    i thought once i registered for hostgator baby plan that i would get unlimited domains meaning that i would not have to register and pay again for another domain name. this sucks

  • Ron M
    Posted at 22:15h, 29 January

    So basically it doesnt matter what ur original domain name is.

  • ElRealPetChicken
    Posted at 19:00h, 13 February

    thank you, this video helped me in 2017.

  • sjaak haak
    Posted at 07:59h, 15 February

    http:// bit. ly/HostGatorCheapWebhosting 40%off hostgator 😀 your welcome

  • Spartacus TheGreat
    Posted at 16:46h, 08 March

    Hey you still about? How many websites do you have intotal?

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