How to host your 1and1.COM domain on Hostgator 2016

Incredibly lax security – Started to sign up, but stopped immediately when I was asked to select an account password. Requirement is an all-numeric password, up to 8-digits. This is ridiculous. Complex passwords should be a REQUIREMENT, not DISALLOWED. For those who don’t know, all-numeric passwords, especially short ones, are easiest to attack. If your web site is compromised, it can be used to distribute malware, defame your reputation, promote other organizations, and more, all without your knowledge. No way I’d host my business’s web site on this provider!

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Start your website with the following steps:

1. Get your first year domain name (www.(yourawesomewebsite).com and privacy registration at 1& for $0.99 when you use this link (normally around $10.00):

1and1 Coupon

2. Get up to 60% off Hostgator for web hosting (I recommend the ‘Baby Plan’ to get you started, it’s worth it) when you use this link:

3. Check out for my Organic Build A Website Blueprint

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