How to install PrestaShop on your server – Tutorial

Beware of hidden charges, auto renewals, using expired cards. – I originally registered a domain with #Ipage but later lost the domain as my credit card on file expired and after I lost a domain renewal back in 2014 time with a reason that my credit card on file has an expired date. I never updated my credit card on file. While I lost my domain, they charged me for a domain account web site, and other spam guard products etc. from June 2014. Recently in June 2016 they again billd with my expired CC. Of course they refunded the 2016 amount after a call, not the 2015 & 2014. Beware of this cheating game involving expired credit card usage and auto renewals even after the domain name itself is lost. This review is more on the experience than anything else on their technical capabilities! Johal, india,

Step-by-step installation of PrestaShop on a web server. Turn subtitles on in your language with the ‘Caption’ button.
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