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Hi friends, do you know how to install WP self hosted blog in HostGator webhosting cpanel with in 1 minute. This WordPress video tutorials show you how to install WordPress blog in HostGator cpanel using Softaculous online software. It is explained very detailed manner and video is around 6 minutes. Actually for installation of WordPress blogging software requires only 1 minute using Softaculous installer.

For trying this WP tutorial, you need:-
1. Computer
2. Internet Connection with good speed
3. Web domain – if you don’t have it, see this video tutorial to buy new domain:
4. WebHosting – see video to buy webhosting from HostGator:

These should be ready before installing self hosted WordPress blog. There are other methods available such as through file transfer protocol (FTP) software’s and direct installation to your computer. But they have some difficulties, time consumption and need some technical knowledge to do it.

Because of that, as compared to other methods, I was selected Softaculous for installing WordPress (WP) in my online webhosting account.

First, login to your HostGator cpanel account and scroll down using your mouse. There you can find Softaculous apps installer section which contains lot of blogging software and scripts like WordPress, joomla, drupal, Opencart etc.

Select WordPress software from the list and then you will go to Softaculous apps installer interface. Click on the “Install” blue colored button to install it. Enter the all your blog details as shown in the above WordPress for beginners video tutorial. You can also see the step by step tutorial in my blog by following the link:

To create a self hosted WordPress blog:

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SEO- Search engine optimization
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