How to Install WordPress on HostGator 2019 Tutorial

Horrible experience, horrible company – After cancelling our website because it crashed and they (#hostgator) told myself and my business partner that since they didn’t work with that site-builder anymore, they couldn’t fix it but would gladly sell me something else… five days before a huge sale, with thousands of potential customers. I had never experienced more unprofessional, snotty, snarky people in my life. We cancelled and moved our website, having to rebuild and change ALL our contact information, then three months later, they charged our C.C. again! And refused to refund the money for website that didn’t even exist! I was stunned! Now we’re going into the land of theft and stealing! WORST hosting company ever. Don’t just walk, RUN from #hostgator. We had to even tear up our C.C. to keep them from stealing more. Please, DO NOT give them any information! Unhappy Customer, United States

Learn how to install WordPress on Hostgator hosting! In this video I’ll walk you thru the process of using Hostgator wordpress hosting and show you exactly how to set it up.

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Video Index:
00:53 Which Hostgator WordPress hosting plan should you choose?
01:34 What does the HostGator WordPress hosting plan include?
03:11 Signing up for HostGator hosting.
03:26 Creating a domain name
03:48 Domain privacy protection
05:03 SSL certificate signup options
05:40 Enter in the promo code ‘realwebsitehints’ for a discount on your hosting.
06:01 Verify your new hosting account
06:24 How to sign in to your hostgator account.
07:19 How to log in to your new WordPress website from the HostGator dashboard.
07:38 The alternate way to login to the WordPress dashboard.
07:47 How to create a new user in the WordPress dashboard.
09:22 Jetpack WordPress plugin.
10:22 Clean up the default posts for your website.
10:40 Clean up the default pages on your website.
10:55 Check the installed themes and remove any you don’t need
12:07 Cleaning up the WordPress plugins.
15:19 Important WordPress settings to configure
15:24 Set your site title and tagline
16:25 Set the timezone for your website.
17:26 Setting the reading settings for your website.

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