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AVOID this Company!!! – I do not leave negative reviews very often. But this is the worst company and experience I have had in a LONG time! I purchased a domain with the intention of using it as the address for my blog. In the whole year I had it, I was NEVER able to get the customer agents (yes PLURAL) to point it to my blog. I sent them the instructions I found online but I did not have access to make changes to the things that needed changing. Over and over again they sent me to new customer service agents who would start from the beginning. I finally gave up and wrote it off as a loss. But that’s not the end. When the year was up, I got notices that it was time to renew. The email told me they WOULD renew it unless I let them know I didn’t want it. So… I opened a billing ticket saying I didn’t want it. They replied with SOMEONE ELSE’S information – a website and hosting package that is not mine!! I told them that, but they don’t seem to understand English. I advise to AVOID this company! Alicia, London UK

How to Install WordPress with your Cpanel like HostGator? fast Install Click here for a lot of WP tutorials & tips:
How to Install WordPress with your Cpanel such as a HostGator:
Installing WordPress will a very easy matter if you follow me, however, you continue to have to be compelled to bear the steps properly, and there also are different steps when the WordPress installation to create certain that your website is sound and secure.
1.the primary step to put in WP in your HostGator CPanel, is to login to your cPanel account
2. then scroll down till you see the fast WordPress Install icon. Then it’s simply a matter of following the steps within the video.
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HostGator has created mistreatment Fantastico for my WordPress installations an issue of the past– fast Install looks to be a much better possibility. So far, it’s continuously up-to-date with the most recent WP version, whereas Fantastico is sometimes a version just about behind. And it’s put in WordPress swimmingly each time on behalf of me, thus no issues. And since fast Install permits you to select your WP-admin user name currently, there’s no reason to use Fantastico.

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