How To Install WordPress With Softaculous Cpanel ~ 2021 ~ A HostGator WordPress Install Tutorial

Worst Hosting – Never go with it – First they activated hosting and we created website, 2 days later they deactivated and since then its provisioning and provisioning. Support number is fraud number asa does not work. Patrick Huynh, Austin, TX,

This how to install WordPress with Softaculous for free makes the Softaculous wordpress installation process simple, fast, and free. This how to install WordPress in cpanel process should work with any web hosting cpanel even though this video is specifically for how to install WordPress on HostGator.

We will learn how to install WordPress in cpanel Softaculous step by step in less than 10 mins time.
Basically this HostGator WordPress install process is a cpanel WordPress install example so it should be very similar for your install WordPress Softaculous cpanel scenario if you are using another host.

In this course we will cover how to get web hosting with a free domain for those who need hosting, how to login to your cpanel, how to create a free email forward for your domain, how to find the WordPress installer, how to install WordPress, how to login to you WordPress admin, then how to fix a WordPress error if there is a problem with your WordPress install.


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00:00:00 Step 01 – Introduction
00:04:16 Step 02 – Purchase Web Hosting (70% off & Free Domain)
00:09:08 Step 03 – Non-HostGator Domains (Name Server Settings)
00:09:42 Step 04 – Log In To Your Control Panel
00:10:11 Step 05 – Email Forward Setup
00:10:54 Step 06 – Find The WordPress Installer App
00:11:24 Step 07 – Fix A WordPress Install Error
00:12:29 Step 08 – Install WordPress
00:15:19 Step 09 – Login To Your WordPress Admin
00:15:48 Step 10 – Choose A Free WordPress Tutorial Video
00:16:15 Step 11 – Access WebYoda’s Free Website Resources
00:17:13 Step 12 – You Finished, Well Done!

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