How to link a Forum back to website How to place Google ads in Forum

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How to link a Forum back to website How to place Google ads in Forum – In this tutorial, we will be demonstrating how to change your phpbb forum header logo and how to link this new custom logo back to your website.

The following is assuming you already have your site logo created and saved as (site_logo_img.png) the image name is important as we are going to be replacing the old image, cutting out the need to edit more code.

The first step is to setermain which template you are using, subsilver, silverpro or you may have uploaded your own custom template. If you are unsure what template you are using go to your forum, right click and select View Page Source, line 18 should read something like the following phpBB style name: prosilver So now, we know what template we are using we are ready to start.

Go to your web host control panel and follow this path, Public_html forum styles (Now select the template you are using) select imagesets, all the imageset files will appear on the left, locate (site_logo_img.png) this is the default image you need to delete. You can delate by clicking the red X at the top of your screen. Now to the left of that red X click on the upload folder, click coose file and browse your computer for your new logo named (site_logo_img.png)…. wait till 100%, so you have now replaced your old logo with the new.

Now we are looking for the template file to link the image back to our website, you should be where you left off and only need click template in the left hand column. If lost here is the path again Public_html forum styles template, Now all the files in the template folder should appear on the right, locate overall_header search for the image and wrap a link around linking back to your website.

Note you can also place google ads in your overall_header or overall_footer




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