How To Make a Blog in WordPress ( Tutorial)

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How to make a WordPress blog about any topic from scratch then add Google Adsense, Facebook like box, Analytics, custom logo, blogposts, forms, email subscription, plus new 2017 features in 3 hours. See more below and talk soon!

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Here’s The Demo Blog (we setup all these features):
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Hi Everyone! Greg here,

This free WordPress blog tutorial is ideal for anyone looking to make a blog, blog for a living, create a freelance blog, start a small business blog, company blog, entrepreneurs, stay at home mom and dad blogs, product review blogs (which I run too), a self-help blog, or fashion blogs, etc!

Introduction To The Amazing Blogosphere

1. Introduction 00:00:00
2. Get Excited to make a wordpress blog 00:01:15
3. HuffPost Buzzfeed Comparison 00:02:12
4. Mobile Responsive Blog 00:03:10
5. Don’t Need Previous Experience 00:03:38
6. Website Tour 00:04:39

Install Your WordPress Blog

7. Blogging Checklist (what is all costs) 00:11:32
8. Get Domain Name & Hosting 00:16:40
9. Domain Name Advice 00:21:17
10. Get Biggest Possible Discount on HostGator 00:25:09

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11. HostGator Email 00:28:21
12. Change Nameservers (optional) 00:29:01
13. Install a WordPress Blog 00:30:04
14. What is cPanel? 00:30:48
15. Use to QuickInstall to Make Blog for Free 00:31:16

Start Your New Blog

16. 1st Login to WordPress 00:33:56
17. How To Login Later 00:36:00
18. Change Your WordPress Blog Password 00:37:09
19. Dashboard Tour 00:38:02
20. Get To The Frontend or Backend 00:39:24
21. Install Beginner Theme to Make Blog Easily 00:41:50
22. Our Plan To Make a Blog 00:47:20

Create Logo

23. Create Your Logo 00:48:11
24. Use Inspect Element to Edit Font Color 00:51:33
25. Add Image Icons to Logo 00:52:29
26. Save and Rename Logo 00:54:58
27. Create Blog Credits Page 00:55:37
28. Make WordPress blog logo 00:56:53
29. Size Down the Logo 00:57:38
30. Add TJ Custom CSS Plugin 00:58:10

Email Subscription

31. Setup Email Subscription Area 01:01:58
32. Create Blog Feedburner Feed 01:03:42
33. Add Feedburner to WordPress 01:06:25

Design Blog Posts

34. Create New Blog Posts 01:08:41
35. 3 Best Blog Posts to Launch 01:08:54
36. Example Blog Post 01:10:05
37. Get Dummy Text for wordpress blog 01:12:05
38. More Blog Post Settings 01:12:30
39. Featured Image 01:13:05
40. Social Share Buttons 01:15:00
41. More Blog Posts 01:15:13
42. Style a Blog Post in Visual Editor 01:17:28
43. Bold, Italics, Quotes 01:17:46
44. Create Links 01:18:05
45. Headers 01:18:29
46. Excerpt 01:19:00
47. Categories 01:19:20
48. Sticky Posts 1:19:48
49. Create a List Post that Ranks in Google 1:20:20

Create Blog Sidebar

50. Add Widgets 01:25:22
51. Social Icons 01:25:48
52. Drag & Drop to Reposition 01:27:34
53. Make wordpress blog Facebook Like Box 01:27:45
54. Make Blog Theme Junkie Tabs 01:29:20 **NEW 2017**
55. Delete Widgets 01:30:02
56. Introduction to Google Adsense 01:30:37
57. Read Adsense Earnings 01:32:25 **NEW 2017**
58. Insert Advertisement on Blog 01:33:16
59. Add Another Ad 01:35:30

Setup Pages and Menus

60. Build blog Pages 01:36:05
61. Add a Pages Menu 01:37:59
62. Custom Home Link 01:39:11
63. Secondary Menu 01:39:30
64. Add Categories to Menu (Examples) 01:40:30
65. Social Buttons in Header 01:42:36
66. Put a Post on a Different Page 01:42:47
67. Fill in Pages! 01:45:10
68. Get Free Images from Pixabay 01:45:33 **NEW 2017**
69. About Page 01:46:47
70. Upload Images from Phone 01:48:50
71. Make Blog Page Text 01:51:40
72. What To Say on About Page 01:54:00
73. Start Here Page 01:54:19 **NEW 2017**
74. Insert and Edit Affiliate Link 01:57:12 **NEW 2017**
75. Full Width Page 02:00:50 **NEW 2017**
76. Increase Image Size 02:01:13
77. Build Blog Contact Page 02:02:10
78. Install Contact Forum 7 Plugin 02:02:21
79. Bonus Contribute Page 02:07:01 **NEW 2017**
80. Add Google Contact Form 02:07:40

Clean Up Pre-Launch

81. Delete Sample Content 02:15:58
82. Change & Reset Permalinks 02:16:59
83. Remove Coming Soon Page to Launch Blog 02:17:49

Final Steps

84. Footer 02:18:27
85. Theme Affiliate Link 02:25:04 **NEW 2017**
86. Setup Google Analytics to Start Blog Traffic Tracking 02:30:27 **NEW 2017**
87. Real Analytics Traffic 02:36:08 **NEW 2017**
88. You Can Do It 02:38:23
89. Add Icons to Menu & Mega Menus 02:40:32 **NEW 2017**
90. How to Change Minor Design Details 02:47:50 **NEW 2017**


91. That’s it, Thank You 02:52:55
92. Blog Showcase 02:53:14 **NEW 2017**
93. Please Hit LIKE if ya learned something 👍 😊 02:53:35

Greg Narayan

  • Michael N.
    Posted at 19:13h, 09 May

    Great video. I can make a blog happen now. I was having trouble with FeedBurner Validation. Any suggestions?

  • Jordyn Fetters
    Posted at 19:26h, 22 May

    I need some help, I have gotten to 1:15:07 into your video and when I click on my blog post it says "404 page not found" not sure why this is happening or what I did wrong… can you walk me thought it?

  • Sean Fitzpatrick
    Posted at 01:34h, 23 May

    Hey Greg,

    Awesome tutorial – helped so incredibly much right when I was about to give up on WordPress all together.

    I just have one problem, I can't seem to get my comment boxes to appear on any of my posts! I've made sure they were enabled and everything from within the dashboard as well as the "Customize" area – but still nothing.

    Any ideas?


  • Zestie Besties
    Posted at 00:55h, 27 May

    Greg, I am getting the "Identify Feed Source" window on Feed Burner. How do I work through that so I can continue?

  • Movies Planet
    Posted at 06:28h, 27 May

    Amazing video Greg.

    I started working on my first blog and am using this theme only.

    But how to increase the page width?

    The default page width kinda small for me.

  • Conscious DeMi
    Posted at 00:13h, 30 May

    Hi Greg, Great video! Thank you so much for doing it. I wanted to ask you about adsense. I applied for it and pasted it exactly on my blog how you instructed but I still haven't heard anything. Is there something I did wrong? Can you guide me to what I can do to find out.

  • Cosymind
    Posted at 11:44h, 30 May

    Hey Greg,

    awsome tutorial like all the other ones. Do you have a suggestion for a multilangual plugin or does a tutorial on this already exist? I found some articles online explaining the difference between human translation and machine translation. But I'm still not sure which plugin to choose.

  • Fauna Belle
    Posted at 19:00h, 05 June

    Mr. Greg really frustrated. Ok got the hostgator,got the wordpress, got theme junkie followed your tutorial and hit a brick wall. Not sure what to do at this point! I have got to make this happen for it is a site to truly help people.

  • Jenal Davis Harris
    Posted at 20:01h, 14 June

    Hi Greg, your youtube blog training is awesome! I do have a couple of questions, I have the Vantage WordPress theme. I transferred from a WordPress theme to Vantage. When looking at my blog the font is too small, how can I change it? Following your instructions on my About Us page, I can't get my picture above to show, help! My blog is:

  • Mohammed Baher
    Posted at 22:23h, 18 June

    do i need i domain name and web hosting to make only blog on wordPress

  • John R. Oliver
    Posted at 03:30h, 20 June

    Greg, you rock my man. What free theme would you use for a personal finance type blog, education first site?

  • Ingel Jurgen
    Posted at 00:13h, 22 June

    Yes and u cant follow video along if u dont buy theme you said.. damn

  • Amanda Langhorne-Henry
    Posted at 19:33h, 04 July

    Thank you for this video! Will be referencing it a lot as I build my blog!!

  • Annette Pacey
    Posted at 10:50h, 18 July

    Thanks for your very detailed tutorial.

    I have one problem I hope you can help with. My home page displays my posts, just like in the tutorial, but between the posts and the footer I have this box called "hot news" which also displays clickable thumbnails of my posts. I want to get rid of it but I can't figure out where to edit it from.

    I think this may have been caused because I originally set up my blog using the wordpress 2016 theme (using another of your great tutorials!) then changed to the beginner theme. Perhaps it's something left over from the old theme? Even the title of the box does not display correctly (it says: HOT <SPAN>NEWS</SPAN>) so it looks very ugly. In any case, if you could let me know how to get rid of that box it would be great. Many thanks again.

    This is the blog:

  • Stacey Price
    Posted at 01:50h, 20 July

    This is so helpful – thank you soooooo much!

  • Rory Cowan
    Posted at 12:39h, 21 July

    Hi Greg, Avri Citron here working with Comedy Actor Rory Cowan – I have found the tutorial wonderful!
    Just can not change the profile pic for the little side thumbnails. In My Account it leads me to do it through Gravitar, which then insists that I have a account. Your tutuorial is for a account. So can not access the Gravitar profile pic making site.

  • ambitiousjohns
    Posted at 23:13h, 24 July

    Why no on hostgator?

  • Yossef J A Binnie
    Posted at 05:05h, 25 July

    your Promotional code did not work for me is it still on

  • Adriana Lupescu
    Posted at 05:02h, 23 August

    Hi Greg.Congratulations and thank you for your tutorial.It helps a lot.One question I have…Don t we need to add a child theme?Or,what about I don t want the first section with subscribe to our newletters,especially that capcha I don t like it.For example,if I get an email from a newsletter and I need to complete the capcha I renounce on it and i unsubscribe!I suppose many people hate it.Is there a possibility to add this on the side bar and without capcha???I want a nice picture wich represent my niche in it s newsletter place.

  • Karen Asaro
    Posted at 00:31h, 29 August

    Hi! This is a great video and thanks so much for helping me build a beautiful blog, just one problem, on the bottom where it says Hot News mine says – HOT <SPAN>NEWS</SPAN> – how do i get rid of the <span> thanks in advance

  • mavrob1234
    Posted at 02:46h, 31 August

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I tried several themes but none were as detailed as yours. I have a question. In my post I have a large space between pictures and can't figure out how to get rid of it….help.

  • Amber Summers
    Posted at 22:43h, 26 September

    I have gone through the steps to get a domain and hosting from hostgator and have gone through the steps to download Word Press for free. I purchased a theme package from Theme Junkie and downloaded it. I moved it to the desktop as recommended on the tutorial. I have gone to the dashboard, appearances and Add New Theme. When I scroll down to choose the file to download a screen comes up that says "are you sure you want to do this" after several minutes of spinning. Is the Theme Junkie package I purchase not compatible with Word Press? They have something on their site about their themes only being compatible with "self-hosted" Word Press. Now I'm finding that there is a difference between and Did I waste $35 on a theme package that isn't compatible with the Word Press I just installed? There is no customer service for Theme Junkie. Please be gentle, I'm a creative artistic person, not a tech wiz 🙂

  • Ludrick 94
    Posted at 05:58h, 26 October

    An excellent tutorial man! thank you so much!

  • gwills24
    Posted at 14:16h, 08 November

    Trying to login to admin area after install but getting "this site can't be reached" error. Is this propogation issue u were referring to? How long til complete?

  • P Turner
    Posted at 02:24h, 25 December

    Greg, I tried to add feed burner to my account and it didn't show up. I went ahead the created my first post. It appears that didn't post as well.

  • Kae Giselle
    Posted at 05:34h, 03 February

    what if you used a free theme, How do you get the newsletter?

  • T.K. Marks
    Posted at 21:40h, 04 February

    Hi Greg. Great job with the video! I had a question. What kind of plugins would you use when you use a theme like Beginner?

  • Sumit R
    Posted at 14:30h, 13 February

    Greg can u help me. I am planning to buy theme and purchase hosting plan referred by you. Can you tell me how to integrate comment tool with anti-spam method.

    Posted at 02:13h, 23 March

    Hiii Greg! This is one of the best videos I watched and the way you explain the whole thing is really just great! Thanks for such a nice video.

  • Reality Missions Ministry, Inc.
    Posted at 16:27h, 03 April

    I'm truly loving your video. My problem is that I already have hostgator and word press so many of the steps have already been completed. On my word press site, I have the option to blog so my question is can I use your tutorial to begin from that point. Right now, I am up to the logo creation for my blog. Will this be a conflict with my already created website?