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Hidden charges – You think you are getting a good deal, but check your billing statement after a few months and see all of the things they are charging you for. Think weebly is included in the price? Nope. Its 60$ for the first year, 120$ for the second. I cancelled my renewal thinking they were all included in the price, but nope. They are separate charges for the domain and the service. All in all if you use #Ipage you are not paying 2$ a month, you are paying closer to 25$ with all the hidden costs. Susan, San Diego, CA,

How to Make a Free Website 2021 (Free Domain & Free Hosting) 2021
Learn How to Make a Personal / Portfolio Website with WordPress in 2020 with this easy STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL for Beginners! Having a personal website for yourself can help you land jobs, clients, or even help you grow your personal brand!
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