How to Make a Website in 10 minutes (For Beginners)

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How to build a website in 10 minutes with WordPress – For Beginners!

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💡 Video time sections:

Introduction & Setup Talk
Choosing a Domain Name & Web Host Setup 5:33 (affiliate link)
Finishing Web Hosting Setup 7:06
Installing WordPress & Website 8:05
Install WordPress Astra Theme 8:30
Install Astra Plugin 9:14
Install Elementor Plugin 9:30
Choosing Astra Demo Theme 9:35
Editing WordPress Content 10:20
Editing Other Pages 13:38
Customize Logo, Header, & Footer 14:11
Create New WordPress Page 15:16
Brief WordPress Dashboard Summary 17:03
Working with Navigation Menu 19:17
Final Thoughts


How to build a website
The first thing we need to do when learning how to create a website with WordPress is knowing what will be the name of your website. Choosing your domain name is very important. Once you have your domain name picked out and we know it is available, then we need to get web hosting.

Web hosting for WordPress website are pretty cheap and easy to buy. (affiliate link)

Once you have purchased the web hosting, then you can start adding files to your web hosting account.

Then you can install WordPress. WordPress is the best way to build a website for beginners.

Then you need to install a WordPress theme. We like to choose the Astra WordPress theme.

Then install the Astra WordPress theme plugin for the starter sites.

Then choose the Astra WordPress theme demo you like best from the Astra theme library within the Astra plugin.

Import the demo content you like.

Then by using Elementor, you can start editing the website to meet your needs.

It truly is pretty plugin and play when your using Elementor to build your WordPress website.

Here are a few tips when creating a WordPress website:

Enjoy the process. It’s easy to be a perfectionist and worry if the theme and or content looks great. Ask yourself if the website works for you and your needs.

Try to do speed tests of your website to make sure it is fast loading.

Make sure you use your ssl.

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