How To Make a WordPress Website With Godaddy and Hostgator

Unfair business practices and horrible customer service – I paid 1500 bucks. The video I posted at youtube just about says it all. After 2 months, #hostgator has told me there’s nothing they can do, and NO, I cannot have my money back. In other words, they #hostgator has taken my money and run for the hills.

My channel is really fun to work with. In today’s video, you will learn how to install and build a wordpress website onto your domain name. First, going to Godaddy is the first step and Hostgator is the next stop on your list.

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In this tutorial, I go step by step to show you how to build a wordpress website step by step! After you watch this video you will also need to watch some tutorials at –

I take a minute and show you exactly how to build your site with WordPress. I feel like most of you will not be able to finish a site on your own. If you see a couple of these steps and want to give up, you are a part of a large group of people that might not be able to understand how to build your website.

If you want to be anyone or do anything on the internet today, you need to build a website. Godaddy, Hostgator and WordPress make things so much easier for you.

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