How to Make Tours & Travels Website with WordPress & Traveler Theme 2020

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How to Make Tours & Travels Website like SOTC, Thomas Cook and with WordPress & Traveler Theme 2020
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00:00 Introduction
13:15 Getting Best & Fastest Hosting
26:14 GoDaddy to SiteGround
27:26 Installing FREE SSL
28:12 Installing WordPress
30:10 Basic WordPress Settings
34:41 Installing Theme & Plugins
37:50 WooCommerce Quick setup
39:20 Creating Basic Pages
44:50 Theme Settings
01:00:11 Creating Tour Categories
01:02:46 Google Map API
01:07:57 Creating Tour
01:17:25 WooCommerce Payment Settings
01:22:56 Demo Seller Registration & Process
01:27:53 Tour Booking Order Management
01:32:17 Creating Home Page
01:49:37 Creating Blogs
01:50:53 Creating Blog, About, FAQs & Contact Page
01:59:24 Become Partner Page
02:02:02 Creating Menu
02:04:07 Footer
02:09:41 MailChimp Newsletter

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