How to perform 2FA without SMS or Email | TypingDNA Verify

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TypingDNA Verify is an interesting way to do 2FA through Typing Biometrics instead of the traditional SMS or Email authentication verification methods.


00:00 – Introduction
02:35 – What is TypingDNA Verify
03:48 – How the 2FA method works
06:46 – Setting up Verify Client
10:11 – Coding example of Verify Authentication
28:30 – Conclusion

Github NodeJs Demo Code:

Figma Design File:

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Passwords are so 1990’s, and I’m sick and tired of the millions of times I’ve had to check my phone over the last 20 years to log into pretty much everything.

– Want to check your email, SMS login…
– Want to see your bitcoin, SMS login…
– Want to log into your bank, SMS login…

Want to write the script for this video on notion… SMS login

Surely there should be a better way to authenticate because if I have to check and write in more more SMS authentication code, I seriously might lose it!

So I went on a hunt to google what options there are out there. There were things like Google Authenticator, which uses a special QR code with timeouts… but these don’t really solve the problem of always having to keep my phone at hand. There were options like using geolocation checks, ip identification, but all of these still weren’t that great.

I did some more research and digging and found that even…

…Microsoft themselves have warned that you should stop using telephone based MFA methods, with SMS and Voice call verification being some of the least secure MFA methods available today.

And so here I am, and after lots of digging, I admit to almost giving up, but then I was surprised to come across TypingDNA. They took an entirely different approach to the authentication game and not only is it one without having to check SMS’s everyday, but it’s one that I think could replace the whole authentication model as a whole.

I reached out to them and they were kind enough to both give me a preview of what they do, and sponsor this video.

So what makes them special, well, let me explain it in a single sentence.

“They authenticate you based on how you type. That’s it.”

This means the next time I go to login, instead of having to send out an additional SMS to check who I am, I simply continue to type, and the Verify system will do this automatically using some sort of magic, or machine learning, or some sophisticated patented software which doesn’t really matter to me as long as it works!

Why on earth does this matter you might think, well so many reasons!

First, UX. As I mentioned, I personally am pretty sick of SMS checks to login, and this process effectively means you don’t have to leave the keyboard. It’s a set up unlike any other solution out there, including QR code authentication apps.

Secondly, from a business point of view, not having to send SMS’s saves money. Who want’s to spend god knows how much to send thousands of SMS’s to hundreds of people every single day (depending on how big your startup is obviously).

Enough talking, let’s see what this actually looks like, and why I find it so interesting!

#programming #authentication #typingdna

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    Wouldn't it make it possible to be unable to be verified? Imagine you broke a finger, your typing pattern probably changes. Or even you register earlier in life but eventually learn touch typing or simply to type faster, wouldn't that be a problem?

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    Now i can use it ☺️ Thank you 😊

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    This tech is awesome,
    but what if my typing depends on the device I'm using (Phone, Laptop) or the type of the keyboard
    for example, I type faster on mac keyboards but on windows devices, it's a little bit slow

    are they considering that?

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