How to purchase a domain name, plus Initial WordPress Configuration using Mobile Smartphone

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How to purchase a domain name, plus Initial WordPress Set-up using Mobile Smartphone.

Least Smartphone specifications eligible for blogging:

2 Gigabyte Ram or more.

16-gigabyte storage or more.

GPU version: 3.0 or more

GPU type: Any type.

Table of content:

• Domain purchase

• Initial WordPress set-up

In this post, I will exhibit step-by-step how to purchase an online domain name for your personal and enterprise name from Bluehost web hosting company, plus basic WordPress set-up using Smartphone.

Considerable Requirements to start a blog business:

• You must be a citizen of a certain country.

• You must have a google account.

• For non-American, you must have a functional Foreign (US dollar) Account.

• You must secure a trademark (you can get this later).

• You must have an already proposed unique domain name.

• If you manage to meet the above requirements — then let’s start.

Browser recommendation:

We highly recommend you use the Google Chrome browser.

If you haven’t installed Chrome browser, use the following link to download one via the play store:

For Apple users Use the following link:

Use the following link to login to Bluehost:

Follow the steps shown in the video. And don’t forget to write your email and password down because that would be your pass to your site.

I highly recommend you choosing as a Content Management system (CMS) rather than because WordPress comes with over features.

Use the following link for login to your WordPress dot org Dashboard:

Regarding theme selection, Choose a theme that best fits your blog niche. In the video, I have to browse through a website showcasing the best themes.
For more information about the website visit:

Also, you should check out WordPress themes you should be using in the year 2021 by Neil Patel:

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