How to Renew SSL Certificate for Free and Fix cURL error 60

BAD – 1 year after cancellation came a 180$ bill, no email answered, choose a different one. Alexandra Iosub

Hello, Designistas, welcome to Encoder Fashion, I’m Rose. And, I’m so excited because I had just renewed my SSL certificate for Free, with zero cost. And, that want to what with you.
First thing, I’m going to show you how to renew your SSL certificate for free with (zero cost) and second thing, I’m going to show you how to fix cURL error 60. Again, stick with me guys, I’m going show you how I did it.
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Screen Capture:
First, go to log on. Then, go to the domain central. Next, click on your website. After that click on the Security. Then, click on “Enable Free SSL.”
Note: You will not see the Let’s Encrypt Free SSL section if you have a current paid SSL. You can see this option if your SSL has expired.
Now, you can log back on to your WordPress, and you will see the message below:
Key Terms:
1 and 2
“The mixed content fixer could not be detected due to a cURL error: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired. cURL errors are often caused by an outdated version of PHP or cURL and don’t affect the front-end of your site. Contact your hosting provider for a fix.”
“Https redirect cannot be set in the .htaccess file. Set the .htaccess redirect manually or enable the WordPress 301 redirect in the settings.”
How to Fix cURL error 60: SSL Certificate
“cURL error: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired.”
This, when you come back to your, log on again. Then, click on the Help button to the top right. Next, you can select Live Chat or phone call. I selected Live Chat. After, that you will prompt to provide the information like I’m showing on the screen. So, the supporter will ask you a secure question. For example, he/she asked me “what was my child dream job?” Make sure to provide the correct answer, just for your own.
I told the support staff that please help with my SSL certificate, after I enable the Free SSL, on and my website still not has the SSL yet.

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