How To Set Up Bluehost Email Using Gmail As Email Client

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Tutorial below. (Best Viewed in HD)

Go to your cpanel at bluehost.

Now on the cpanel home page scroll down until you see ‘Email Accounts’ with an envelope icon above the letters.

Under the ’email accounts’ section you now will see the area to create your email. It’s very simple to use. Just enter the email and password you want then press ‘Create Account’

Your new email (or already created one) will be listed below. Find the appropriate e-mail and look to the left where there is a drop down menu that says ‘More’. Click there and click again on ‘Configure Email Client’.

You will now be taken to a screen with lots of data. This can look frightening, but its really simple.

Pause on the Bluehost site, and now open a new window or tab to go to Gmail

Now logged into Gmail, go up into the right hand corner and click ‘Settings’.

In the Settings screen look for and click on, ‘Accounts and Import’. In the section ‘Check mail using POP3″ click the button that says, ‘Add POP3 Email Account’. A new window should appear.

Now in this new window enter in the E-mail that you just created in Bluehost and click, ‘Next Step’

With the window still open, you should now see areas for ‘Username’, ‘Password’, and ‘POP Server’. Username is, by default with Bluehost, your email address. Your password is the same as the one you entered when you created your email account. The POP Server will be ‘’ and Port 110 is usually selected.

Go through the boxes and check the ones you want. I usually only check ‘Label incoming messages’. Now click next.

It will now send you a verification email to your new email. This can be a little confusing since you have not set up the email in Gmail yet. There is a simple solution.

Back in ‘cpanel’ under ’email accounts’ look for your email and click the ‘More’ drop down menu like before, except this time click, ‘Access Webmail’.

You will see some different email clients listed. Just pick any that look appealing. They can all retrieve your email.

Now look in your inbox for the email from Gmail. Inside you will find the verification code.

Go back to the Gmail window and enter the code. Click next and you’re ready to go!

This has been a tutorial by David Blane Studios. Thanks for watching/reading!



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