How To Set Up Office 365 Email – HostGator Tutorial

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Just got your first Professional Email Solution? Awesome! We will teach you how to set up your Microsoft Office 365 Email with HostGator to utilize a Professional, Business Email Solution.

In This Video You’ll Learn:
How to sign up for Microsoft Office 365
How to add additional email addresses
How to navigate and administrate Office 365 within the portal
The different offers available for Office 365 with HostGator
A review of the different apps, features and tools included with Office 365.

Setup Email for Desktop with Microsoft 365:
Setup Email for Mobile with Microsoft 365:
Microsoft Office 365 Package Pricing:
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  • Mason Wright
    Posted at 10:24h, 20 June

    There website uses scammer Indians for Customer service and they will participate in fraudulent behavior and won't help you. Trash company

  • Sal Gabriel Marron
    Posted at 03:58h, 30 June

    When I go to manage it stays stuck on "We're setting up your Office 365 subscription". I'm not sure what to do.