How to Start your own Blog – step by step Tutorial Part 1

not reliable! Website has been going down everyday. loosing emails. tech sucks. they have no idea what is going on or when it will be fixed. they did remind me of the tos and that they dont have refunds.

How to start your own blog step by step in this tutorial. To get started signup with Bluehost and set up your website start here:

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to install WordPress on Bluehost. One of the reasons we recommend hosting your site with Bluehost is because they make it so easy to install WordPress. We’ve created this video to show how you can register a domain name, sign up for hosting, and install WordPress, all in just a few minutes.

In the next video we will cover the full installation of your wordpress website and how to set up your new blog within wordpress.

Leon Bezuidenhout

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