How to Train the Terry Amiibo – Expert Amiibo Training Guides

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This is my pre-release guide on How to Train the Terry amiibo in Smash Ultimate. Competitive amiibo strategies do change over time, so check the bottom of the description to see if the official guide has been updated.

Unlike other amiibo training guides, I chose to train this Terry with Raid Boss-style spirits. The information in this video applies to both vanilla amiibo training and spirited amiibo training, so feel free to apply it to both.

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Amiibo Doctor

  • Hayden Warnken
    Posted at 20:36h, 22 March

    I’m getting an Incineroar amiibo soon and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for spirits to give him

  • Arnav Koonadi
    Posted at 22:48h, 22 March

    Great Content! I had a quick question tho, if you put a healing support spirit like Sothis on terry, and get him to a hundred%, does he keep GO even after he fully heals?

    Posted at 00:00h, 23 March

    If you struggle with the Command Inputs, go to Slow Smash and put yourself at 100%. This lets you start with GO Moves and Sow Mode doubles the amount of frames when you can make the Command Inputs.

  • Amiibo Lawyer
    Posted at 01:16h, 23 March

    I have ascended above you before you could get your degree.

  • Angel Lego
    Posted at 02:49h, 23 March

    Mmh nice video and editing doc