How to transfer website from bluehost to hostinger

#bluehost Misleads You. I was with #bluehost for a few months. I set up an account, along with the Certificate, that certifies your website virus free, and uploaded my site. Within a month, I received an email, saying my account/domain had been suspended for a Terms of Use violation, and contact them within 15 days I contacted support, and they said it was in fact not a TOS Violation, but a chargeback. I tried logging in to my account, after is was suspended, because on support they told me, to log into my account, to renew it, and it wouldn’t let me log in. So scratch that. 2 weeks ago, I received an email, saying the chargeback is complete, and another email to contact them/log into my account, renew my account, or it will be deleted in 5 days. My tip is, if you ever get an email, saying your account/domain was suspended for a TOS Violation, contact them, cause the email is lying. I’m now with a host in the BETA Stage of hosting. Great support, and .tk domains. Don’t believe #bluehost emails! They lie!

what is C panel. how we can open or log in C panel. what is hosting. what is domain. what is DNS name service. what is SQL. what is SQL database. how we can backup SQL database. what is public HTML. what is file manager in website. what is SSL certificate. what is the meaning of SSL. difference between http and https. what is plugin and how to use plugin. how to purchase hosting. how to get backup of SQL database. how to connect a name server from hosting to domain website. how to restore website backup. step by step.
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