How to use FREE Google Search Console to Rock your SEO – HostGator Webinar

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In this Intermediate Webinar, we will cover Google Search Console (formally know as Google Webmaster Tools), and how you can use it to ensure that you are at the top of your SEO game.

***********In this Webinar you will learn***********

00:00 – Introduction
03:09 – How to set up your Google Search Console Account
06:05 – How to use and navigate the Performance Tab
09:20 – How to use the Enhancements Section of GSC
13:05 – How to ensure your site is visible on Google with Sitemaps
15:15 – How to ensure everything is indexed with the Coverage tab
18:10 – How to use the URL Inspection Tool
19:55 – How to use the Backlinks Report
21:20 – Manual Actions & Security Issues

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