How to Verify Website on Google Search Console in 2019 (Domain property with DNS)

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I’ll show you how to verify your WordPress website in Google Search Console in 2019 and we will do it for all domain properties in one go.

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To verify that you actually own the domain and all variations of it, Google requires DNS verification. It sounds complicated and techy but it only takes a bit more time to set up than the other verification methods, but it’s worth it because then you’ll have all your domain variations like http and https under one domain property instead of having multiple domains as you see on your screen now.

Instructions how to update DNS records on other hosting providers:

What will you need to DNS verify Google Search Console:
1. Google Account
2. Access to domain DNS, so basically access to manage the domain’s DNS records.
3. Access to hosting dashboard such as cPanel

If all of this sounds too scary and too much work, you can also verify your domain with meta tags, right from your WordPress dashboard. A tutorial of how to do that will appear on your screen now. But I really recommend you do it with the DNS as I will show you in this video, it’s less hassle in the long run.

Summary of the step by step tutorial about verifying Google Search Console domain property with DNS

– How to login to Google Search Console
– Create a new Domain property and in the dashboard
– Verify the property by using DNS verification (HostPapa & GoDaddy)


  • tipswithpunch
    Posted at 19:04h, 01 April

    I made a MISTAKE in the video. For GoDaddy, you need to put "@" as Host Name. Sorry for this.
    Thanks to @DanTravels for pointing this out.

  • R Michael Fine
    Posted at 22:31h, 30 July

    If using a CDN like Cloudflare – you'll want to create a record in the DNS panel also. BTW – nice vid. Your other videos are helpful also.

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    Hey, if I have a website that has locations as inner pages, how do you add them separately to search console?

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  • Gabriel Tobing
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    4:57 Helped heaps with this!!!

    Now it's verified.

    Love Cloudflare!

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    Thanks it works for me, i'm using netlify to host my webite.

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    in my c pannel there is no options for txt record it is showing only mx record please tell me what should i do

  • Maze Leather
    Posted at 17:29h, 16 August

    Worked great for my Host Gator Account, but since the GoDaddy Domain is transferred to Host Gator it does not show DNS Management Records to add the verification. Any Help?

  • Rachel Nguyen
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